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After considering gifting my coaching series with Jenna to ‘someone that needed it more than me’ I am so glad I decided not to and instead gifted myself this time to not necessarily add more (I was already overwhelmed with ‘to do’s’) to my schedule but to peel back the layers, let go of what was no longer serving me and allow my true potential to shine through.

I was super nervous to start coaching, it is something I have never experienced before but after my first session with Jenna I felt extremely excited to welcome this journey into my life.

Since coaching with Jenna I feel a lot more joy in my life on a daily basis.

If I had to describe my experience in three words it would be Self-discovering, calming and invaluable!



Clarissa Rowe - Senior Underwriter

I said YES to coaching with Jenna after reading an Instagram post about 'putting yourself first', and even though I didn't really know what I was looking for within myself I thought "what do I have to lose?" So I reached out to Jenna. Before we started I felt lost, unsure of my values and I was trying to get on top of some negative thinking patterns. 

I wanted to create a happier life, I wanted to be happy with what I've got and what I have achieved without feeling like it/I was never enough.

Even though I was apprehensive of coaching, Jenna made me feel very comfortable right from the start and wasn't afraid to help me nut out what it was I was craving more of in my life.

The biggest change I have witnessed from coaching with Jenna is a change in my values and beliefs - and how this has made an impact on my overall perspective on life. What a feeling, I no longer care about what others think and I am proud of what I have achieved to date, I know that that is enough within itself and I have stopped constantly trying to prove to myself I need more or I need what others have got.

I had a penny drop moment which was huge for me, realising my life was built around adding things in to try and make myself happy and always wanting more. Now I live intentionally and in accordance with my values and beliefs, I focus on what can add value to my life. The whole process has been so powerful! My interactions with people have more purpose therefore my relationships are happier, positive and I feel more connected.

All up I would describe my coaching experience with Jenna as deliberate, purposeful and liberating.

Kirsty Shorten - Owner of Second Nature Botanicals

"I was a little bit nervous about starting coaching, but Jenna was so relaxed, warm and welcoming, she put me at ease straight away. After our first session I felt so full of life and energy, I was super excited and it felt soooo right! I could feel Jenna’s presence with me throughout my day. 

I quickly learnt that the more open and honest I was with myself and Jenna, the more powerful the coaching was. The biggest changes I have witnessed within myself (I couldn't just pick one) are how being more vulnerable has deepened my relationships with friends and hubby, to feel comfortable with who I am, speaking my truth and not needing approval from others - this feels very empowering and lastly, Jenna has taught me how to tune into myself, ask questions and listen. It blows my mind and has been so powerful for me to connect to my inner guidance.

Since coaching with Jenna I am so much more connected with myself and the world around me. It feels like I have just fast-tracked a few years of my spiritual development journey into 3 months. Everyone needs to do this! She is AMAZING

If I had to describe my experience in three words it would be LIFE-CHANGING, REVEALING and EMPOWERING."

Arna Eru - Mum & Part Time Finance Officer

"Before working with Jenna I was feeling (as all new mothers do) that I had lost myself in the process of becoming a mother 6 months prior. I was seeking to reconnect and rebuild a life to feel happy healthy and connected.

Although I had never worked with a coach before I expected a hard line approach, but what I found was an open, encouraging environment. The biggest critic and judge turned out to be myself. I felt nervous and excited before our first session and I probably didn’t believe that I would actually achieve all 3 goals I set for myself. 

The biggest change I have seen in myself is gaining back my identity and leading the life I imagined for myself (happy, healthy and connected). This has manifested in losing 6 kgs with improving my diet, managing anxiety and also studying and getting a job in my chosen new career. My partner and friends have noticed a change in me, they say I seem a lot happier and connected with my life.

Jenna Maree is a gifted life coach; her sessions are inspiring. She has not only helped me to achieve massive life changes, but also taught me to be kind to myself and for that I can't thank her enough.

All up, I’d describe my coaching experience with Jenna as empowering, accepting and beautiful."

Claire Merryfull - Yoga Teacher

"I have had experience with coaching before which I found to be amazingly helpful, when I saw Jenna had started coaching I signed up straight away it was a no brainer to me.

I was really excited prior to our first session together. I was feeling like I needed help to create a career of my dreams, something that lit me up and inspired me daily. I wasn’t sure how to get there and knew that my self-limiting beliefs needed some work.

By the end of our first session together I had realised how easy it is to just keep cruising through life, day to day without living as your higher self. And how important it is to take time for yourself to create goals and to feel inspired each and every day. I knew Jenna was someone I wanted to work with, she put so much love into each session I could really feel it.

Coaching with Jenna has made me realise how powerful goal setting is! Complete game changer. I have never been much of a planner, but for me having targets for my goals has been the biggest help in absolutely every area of my life. My self-care practices, my financial goals, my career goals and my personal goals. Such an empowering feeling to reach goals/ mile stones that have been set.

To describe my coaching experience with Jenna I'd sum it up as inspiring, motivating and essential."


Bec .jpg

Bec Williams - Breakthrough Coach at www.becwilliams.com

"Prior to reaching out to work with Jenna I was reaching a point where I was tired of repeating negative cycles. I was struggling to let go of my perfectionism and wanted to shift into a space where I felt less stressed, overwhelmed and pressured.

I was expecting accountability and encouragement throughout the coaching series and Jenna was so supportive at giving me this. Jenna understood my goals and my ambitions and made me feel so comfortable and heard.

The biggest change I have noticed within myself is that I am a lot more relaxed with being out of routine. I have created new healthy habits and tactics that will serve me a lifetime. I would definitely recommend Jenna to anyone that is serious about making positive changes in their life.

My coaching series with Jenna has encouraged me to continue to invest in myself so I keep seeing positive changes throughout my life. Overall I'd describe my experience as worthwhile, exciting and so encouraging."

Kim Ellis - HR Advisor

"When I first connected with Jenna I had become frustrated with always thinking and talking about change but not actually having the motivation or momentum to actually make the changes I desired. When I saw the session advertised on FB I thought I would grab the opportunity to try something different with the hope that it would lead me to change. I had this goal of wanting to start a fitness regime I could stick to and would enjoy, find a creative outlet and become more organised and productive.

Before our first session I was a little nervous about opening up or being a failure. I knew the areas where I wanted to make changes but I didn’t have clarity of what my goals actually were. By the end of our first session Jenna had unpacked what I had said and helped me to set 3 high level goals with small manageable actions to work on each week. It didn’t seem so scary and unachievable any more. After our first session, I knew Jenna was someone I wanted to work with to try and achieve my goals, to see a shift in my life. She provided a very supportive and encouraging environment, I felt like my goals were totally achievable.

My partner and daughter have noticed a change in me. They have told me they are proud of me and I think it has secretly served as a catalyst for my partner to start his own exercise regime.

What has surprised me the most is the change in my confidence. I feel like I can achieve whatever I set my mind to and don’t see these goals as impossible hurdles. I have realised that making small changes is what creates the motivation to continue to change and not the other way round.

All up, I’d describe my coaching experience with Jenna as inspiring, beneficial and meaningful."


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