Meet boss babe Fiona from Physical Nutrition!


Fiona and I studied Nutrition together at Endeavour College. One of my favourite things about going to Uni at Endeavour is there are so many like minded people doing amazing things in this world, I think I learn just as much off all of my peers as I do the lecture slides. Fiona is the full package, she is a PT that wanted to further her Nutrition knowledge to help her clients. I LOVE THIS! She is passionate, determined and the real deal. I love her no BS approach and you are going to love learning and being inspired by her today!

1. Explain to us all of the ‘must knows’ about Physical Nutrition.

The seeds of Physical Nutrition were first sown around 15 years ago when I taught my first group exercise class.  Up until that point, I had a followed a career in the financial services industry.  I didn't enjoy my job, but I had never pictured actually doing something else.  When I started teaching group training, I found my passion.  I love all aspects of it - meeting all sorts of amazing people, inspiring people to get fitter and healthier, and being constantly on the move instead of sitting indoors at a desk all day.  I had been doing group training for around 7 years when I decided to do my personal training qualification (with a baby in between).  That took the physical side of my job to another level.  When you work with a person one-on-one it can be a very intense experience.  You can see them at their best and their worst (there has been a few tears, snot and vomit over the years!). 

The key has always been to hang in there until the person is ready to make the changes they need to make.  Sometimes it is not an instant flashbulb moment, but if you are patient, usually clients will achieve their goals in their own time.  I have trained many fit people over the years, but I now like to focus on those who struggle with health conditions that may hamper a regular fitness routine.  Anyone can join my classes and it is amazing to see what even a few weeks of fitness training will do for someone who initially thought that they couldn't join group exercise.  Of course, everyone has to start at their own level, but I pride myself in the fact that I never shy away from anyone or any condition.  It is an amazing feeling to witness someone surprise themselves with what they can achieve.

I commenced a nutrition qualification because my clients asked me so many questions about food and I felt ill equipped to give them the answers they need.  I now feel that I can give my clients the best advice possible. I love the fact that every person that walks through my clinic door has their own special health story, and requires their own specific health prescription.  I feel that I can provide so much valuable information for my clients by having the fitness experience coupled with nutrition.  They merge together so well.

I've spent many years travelling, supporting my husbands career and bringing up my daughter.  I see now as my time!  I am working 12 hour days, sometimes 7 days per week, but I am doing something I absolutely love so it has become all consuming.  It is not always easy but I have amazing self belief so that pulls me through.


2.  I am super passionate about showing up as the very best version of ourselves possible and I believe one of the most important aspects is fuelling our body with optimum Nutrition. 

If someone asks you "what should I eat", what are your top three pieces of Nutrition advice?

1.  Trust what your body is telling you - If you are gaining weight, feeling terrible, have constant fatigue, your skin is constantly breaking out etc, your body is trying to tell you that what you are doing is not working for you and you need to make a change.

2.  Don't trust what food manufacturers and supermarkets tell you is a health food.  They only want to make money - that is their top priority.  They are not the slightest bit interested in whether the recommended foods are going to make you feel fantastic or not.  Listen to your body and listen to a degree qualified, clinical nutritionist!

3.  If you are reacting to a food, stop eating it.  I often hear from clients that dairy foods give them diarrhoea, oranges make their skin break out etc, but they continue to eat these foods (see point one - trust what your body is telling you!).  If you see inflammation on the outside, guaranteed there is inflammation on the inside.  Have the strength to give these foods up (even for a short time).


3.Please share with us 3 non-negotiables in your self-love/ care routine? Because we all know how important looking after ourselves is.

1.  Don't come near me with any work, business or anything remotely serious after 7.30pm.  I have already done a 14 hour day and I have had enough.

2.  If I want to sit and do nothing to recharge on a Sunday afternoon, I will.  I don't need to give you an explanation and I refuse to feel guilty about it!

3.  I will not eat unhealthy food just to be polite.  This is a biggie for me!  I spent a lot of years of my life eating meat just to keep everyone happy.  I didn't enjoy it and it made me feel unwell.  I finally got the courage at age 45(!) to finally declare myself a vegetarian.  My family, and friends have given me a fair bit of attitude about it, but I don't care.  Why should I eat food I don't like and makes me feel unwell just to keep everyone else happy!  I haven't looked back and feel a million times better.


4.  If you could tell your younger self any piece of health advice, what would it be?

Don't drink so much alcohol.  You are killing yourself.  As a Scot, brought up in a drinking culture (not my parents, who barely drank), and someone who was an expat abroad for 20 years, I have drank more than my fair share of alcohol.  Never to the point of alcoholism but I loved a good binge drink.  It had serious effects on my energy levels and my hormones were a disaster!  This was one of the main reasons I left my expat life and settled in Australia.  I now feel that I have a healthy attitude to alcohol.  Best health decision I ever made.

5. Lets spice things up with a random question, if you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I would change all food to organic - no chemicals.  We're killing ourselves off, one spray at a time!


6. To finish up, please share with us what is one quote/ motto/ message you like to live by?

My business motto is Eat, Train, Glow.  I truly believe in those words.  You will get out of your body what you put into it.  Move, eat amazing produce and be happy.


THANK YOU so much Fiona! I love your straight down the line approach. I truely think we need more real people and less people pleasing in this world! So it is a pleasure to see you leading the way. I couldn't agree more with answer 5 - imagine a world without chemicals. Would be a dream come true!

I love that you bought up alcohol, we live in a society where it is such a big deal and everything revolves around it. I believe one of the reasons we are in this predicament is numbing our emotions and feelings - a way of dealing with life. It seems as we get older we get wiser about thrashing our bodies around and are more appreciative of them - I know I certainly am. You really are the complete package Fiona, you help people get fit, eat wholesome nourishing food suited to their body and you not only believe in them but believe they deserve the very best (because they sure do). I am so grateful to have you on the blog Fiona - you are such an inspiration and your daughter is so lucky to have one amazing Mum to look up to!


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