More of my story...

I grew up in country Victoria on the Murray River. I had a seemingly straightforward childhood but as soon as it came to completing my final year of high school and everyone was telling me to go to University, I did the opposite. I packed my bags and moved to America for a year to Au Pair for some complete strangers that I can now, 10 years on, call my second family. (I could not have asked for a better match, thanks Universe!) So I guess nothing has changed I still don't like being told what to do and still have the motivation and determination to help others and follow my dreams.

After some of the best years of my life living and travelling USA, England and Europe, I moved back to Australia with my love who I met along the way. I was doing random jobs to pay the bills and get by. I was then offered a Fly in Fly out (FIFO) position to work in 'outback' Western Australia, I would be with my husband and earning money I never would have dreamed of - what an opportunity right? Well in all honesty, it was. I met some amazing people who I am lucky enough to still call friends, I earn't the 'big bucks' but the most important thing of all.... I learnt about ALL things holistic health and found my passion.

It was like a light bulb moment, I wanted to know everything and I wanted to know it FAST. So I signed up to all the blogs, read all the books, started yoga, started wondering what was in my food, where it came from (how are some things even legally allowed to be sold as 'food'?!) and in general I just questioned EVERYTHING. Which leads me to where I am today. I realised how stressed and grumpy I was doing FIFO so I quit. While working away served its purpose, it showed me money isn't everything when it's not your passion. This is when my self learning and discovery really ramped up. I did the work, listened to my intuition and discovered my love and passion for eating real food and looking after yourself.

I enrolled into a Bachelor Degree of Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health (graduating 2017) and then a Life Coaching Course through Beautiful You Coaching Academy and my vision of Jenna Maree was brought to life. So here I am now to help others along their journey towards optimum health and a life of their dreams.

Because, hand over heart I know you deserve it! Are you ready to take the leap, show up and commit to yourself?