Meet boss babe Lizzie from Mortar and Pestle Botanicals


I met lovely Lizzie in the first few days of starting my Nutrition Degree at Endeavour College in 2015, here I am about to finish my degree and I am lucky enough to call Lizzie a dear friend. I have seen her grow, flourish and overcome some real hurdles in this time. I am super super proud of her new business venture, these face masks are divine. I am a huge advocate for ethical and consciously crafted products that are good for you and these are just that... so good you could almost eat them - well let your skin soak up all of the nutrients and know that you aren't putting any chemicals or harsh ingredients anywhere your largest organ (you skin that is). Let me hand you over to the gorgeous Lizzie, be ready to be inspired.

1. Explain to us all of the ‘must knows’ about Mortar and Pestle Botanicals.

Hi Jenna! Thanks so much for interviewing me, so grateful to be here! Well I suppose it all started with trying to manage my own skin. I was studying Naturopathy at Endeavour College and absolutely loved playing around with herbs, and at the same time I was going through some major health challenges. One of my hormonal related symptoms was acne and I think because my body was in such an unhappy space, my skin was reflecting that. So I took to concocting herbal masks that were gentle, nourishing and that allowed me to use as a ritual for self-care and healing. A very holistic approach! To me, they represent self-love and compassion, whilst also helping to reduce breakouts.  I thought to myself, if these masks can help me so much on my health and wellbeing journey, then maybe they could help someone else too!


2. I am super passionate about showing up as the very best version of ourselves possible. I deeply encourage my clients to live authentically and inline with what matters to them because I believe when we do so the whole universe conspires to help us.

Do you agree? Absolutely

How has ‘Mortar and Pestle Botanicals’ flourished by you doing so? 

I think once you begin something from your heart space everything unravels so quickly, which is what I found for Mortar & Pestle! Along the way I’ve hit some blocks and most of the time if I remind myself to reconnect within I can usually figure out the true answer. I also find that when I do hit a block sometimes it hasn’t worked out because it’s not meant to be and perhaps I swerved off the authenticity path for a bit, and that’s ok too!


3.  Please share with us 3 non-negotiables in your self-love/ care routine? Because we all know how important looking after ourselves is.

- I am the biggest fan of baths! I actually try and have a bath every day because I feel like I can actually take a bit of me time to relax and listen to an inspiring audiobook or just process the day.
- Once a week or sometimes more, I also get out my self-care box, which is just a shoe box but I fill it with all my favourite things – books, a nice candle, face mask, chocolate (of course), my personal affirmations, a journal, essential oils and a couple of photos. Sometimes I change it up, but mostly it stays pretty much the same.
- And lastly would be that I don’t eat gluten and rarely drink alcohol – because they both make me feel lousy and I’d prefer to feel on top of the world!
 - Oh, and can I add a fourth? Because I’ve been really enjoying it lately! I’ve been making a habit of doing a quick manifesting meditation for ten minutes before I get out of bed in the morning. Before I look at my phone or even have the time to think about the day, I try and visualize exactly what my perfect day and life looks like and spend some time practicing gratitude! 


4. Intuition, I explain this to my clients as the voice within us that doesn’t talk.

How has your intuition helped you in getting where you are today? And do you have any tips for us on how to tune into it?

Yes intuition is so amazing, so long as we can tap into it and actually pay attention. I think like I mentioned above, when I come to a bit of a crossroads or am not sure about what decision to make, I like to quiet my mind, feel my ‘inner’ body and wait to see what message comes to me. Usually the message will be there, just my mental chit-chat gets in the way.


5. Lets spice things up with a random question, growing up what did you aspire to be?

I actually spent years dreaming of being a climatologist, studying the weather and advocating about climate change. I was obsessed with movies about natural disasters, like The Day After Tomorrow, or Twister or Dante’s Peak. Definitely dreamed of chasing tornados or watching volcanoes explode!

6. To finish up, please share with us what is one quote/ motto/ message you like to live by?

Oo this is a hard one, so many good ones out there. But I’d probably say at the moment I love –

“You are responsible for what you say and do. You are not responsible for whether or not people freak out about it” Jen Sincero

I’d love to share that I’ve recently been LOVING audiobooks. I always have so many books I’d love to get through, but they all seem to stack up on my bedside table and don’t get read because my eyeballs get tired haha. But audiobooks are amazing. I listen to them in the car, when I’m cleaning my house, when I’m doing the shopping, when I’m in the bath, and even sometimes on nightshifts. I have found massive inspiration and definitely recommend looking into it!


THANK YOU so much Lizzie, for taking the time to inspire us today. I love your self care non-negotiables and that quote!! We will never be able to please everyone and this is such a nice reminder!! Audiobooks sound like my jam as my unread book pile rises - HAHA. You are such an inspiration and true example of never giving up, following your dreams and always looking on the bright side. Your products are divine and I am so grateful to have you in my life.


EDIT: Unfortunately for us you cannot buy Lizzies products any more but fortunately for her she has decided to listen to her intuition and follow her passions down a different avenue - which I am super proud of her for.

You can read more about Lizzie, her vision and buy her gorgeous products here...

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