Meet boss babe Kat from 'Kats Snacks'


You all know how much I LOVE farmers markets right? Well that is where I met the lovely Kat. Because I am at Manning Farmers market pretty much every weekend, I eat Kat's amazing food pretty much every weekend too. It is all real, it is all fresh and it is all scrumptious. I love the real food approach and healing through food, which Kat is a big advocate for. Without further I do, please let me introduce Kat - complete boss babe living her best life, serving up nourishing food and inspiring us all by following her passions. So much inspo for you all in this one xo

1. Explain to us all of the ‘must knows’ about Kats Snacks.

Kats Snacks derived from my love of cooking healthy, seasonal, make you feel good foods. I truly believe that you can heal yourself from the food you eat and through food I can share that with the community. I travelled ten years prior to living in Perth so I got to experience a lot of different cuisines and foreign ingredients. It gave me a chance to get really creative and make the healthiest meals possible while travelling. 

I always knew I would do something relating with food. I come from a family of great cooks and chefs so it was embedded in me at an early age. When I moved to Perth I decided to just go for it, what do I have to lose?. If anything, I would gain experience that could only help me in life. So then I decided to create a food company that was true to who I am and what I believe in. I feel that the only way you can be happily successful is to stick true to who you are. I love how farmers markets are such a huge part of the community and everyone, no matter big or small, gets involved. I knew that it would be the perfect fit and start for Kats Snacks. 

I love that you really get a chance to know your consumer and meet like minded people. Our market is very niche so the people I come across share a lot of the same views as me. I love making people feel good and more importantly happy from the food they get from us. To know that I could affect someone in a positive way through food is one of the most rewarding feelings.


2. I am super passionate about showing up as the very best version of ourselves possible. I deeply encourage my clients to live authentically and inline with what matters to them because I believe when we do so the whole universe conspires to help us.

Do you agree? I agree one hundred and ten percent.

How has ‘Kats Snacks’ flourished by you doing so? 

When you stay true to who you are and what you believe the universe will reward you in some way. You can live everyday knowing that what you are doing feels right to you and makes you happy and thats all that matters. Its a way of living with no regrets and knowing that you are giving it your best every single day.


3. Please share with us 3 non-negotiables in your self-love/ care routine?

Exercise. Whole foods. Water. 


4. Intuition, I explain this to my clients as the voice within us that doesn’t talk.

How has your intuition helped you in getting where you are today? And do you have any tips for us on how to tune into it?

I live my life based mainly on my intuition.  I base a lot of things on what I feel is right and feels good to me. If I was not tuned into my intuition I would not take so many risk. It has really freed me as a person mentally. Being able to know that even if I take a risk and it fails, I’ll be alright and life goes on. All the fails truly make you into a strong resilient person. I guess my tip for tuning into your intuition would be when you have a problem or decision to make don't over analyse it. Take a moment and let it come to you. Go with what truly feels right to you.  Trust your self.


5. Lets spice things up with a random question, if you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

Peoples perception on nutrition and education about health. It seems that information is becoming more widely available but then it also seems that more and more people are getting sick. I really wish and am making it a mission for people to realise they can heal them selves through diet. They just need to take care of themselves. Its as simple as that. No pills or medicines required, just help yourself through diet. 


6. To finish up, please share with us what is one quote/ motto/ message you like to live by?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”  

I would also like to add how truly grateful I am to have the most amazing husband to help me build and run Kats Snacks since day one. With out his support, patience and endless help we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do today.

THANK YOU so much Kat. Such an inspiring soul. I love your food -  the thought, love and time that goes into it all is so appreciated. Not only do my taste buds sing, my cells are buzzing and it is nurturing me from the inside out. How special that you and your husband are able to share this journey together. We need more of you guys in the world. I couldn't agree more with your message, and healing yourself through diet it is so powerful and one that needs to be shared as the population become sicker and sicker. Keep shining, keep showing up and keep following your intuition it is working!!!


You can keep up to date with Kat via:


Instagram: kats_snacks

Facebook: kats snacks 

Catch her one weekend at a Farmers Market, you must try her Sherpherd Pie & Chai porridge, my two absolute favs! Although everything is delicious so lash out and try it all, tell Kat I sent you!!