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"I love reading Jenna’s writing. I can feel how much love and genuine care that has been infused into her work. This challenge has reminded me how important it is to look after myself, but love myself as well – no matter what. I think sometimes we become so hard on ourselves to be ‘healthy’ and ‘good’ but I found that Jenna took the pressure away and replaced it with care and support. I felt empowered and excited to keep implementing as many of these tools as I could. Well done Jenna and I can’t wait to see what else you have!"

Lizzy Holloway

"Jenna's 7-day Challenge Towards Simplifying your Life is such a fabulous way to get yourself back on track. Life is so busy, and with so many outside commitments in today's world, we often forget to take care of the most important person in our lives, ourselves. This challenge helped me to prioritise my well-being and get back to the basics. I feel grounded, balanced in mind, body, & soul, refreshed, and have a spring in my step again. Thank you Jenna!!"

Erica Carrico


I found Jenna's e-book to be the perfect tool to provide a gentle reminder to refocus on my self and to reconnect. The tasks were simple and easy to integrate into my day. Overall, I enjoyed the challenge, it allowed me the opportunity to schedule in my self-care which is often difficult and I definitely felt the benefits at the end of the seven days.

Sinead Gilsenan