Meet Boss Babe Dr Jacinta

I first met Dr Jacinta a few years ago when I won tickets to an event she was running at the time. I love it when you met people and feel like you are already friends. Jacinta has infectious energy and enough determination to change the world.... and that she is doing. I love the truth and simplicity she shares with us in the interview. Without further I do, please let me introduce Dr Jacinta, authentic, inspiring and o so beautiful.

Explain to us all of the ‘must knows’ about The Inspired Optimist.

The Inspired Optimist was born out of a need to serve the community in a more holistic and empowering way. 

Many of my clients come to me expressing their frustration with the current level of care (or lack there of) they have received when trying to navigate their health journey. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the look in someones eyes when they realise they have complete control over their health. The empowerment that comes with that is inspiring, and I love helping people get there. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning.


I am super passionate about showing up as the very best version of ourselves possible. I deeply encourage my clients to live authentically and inline with what really matters to them because I believe when we do so the whole universe conspires to help us.

Do you agree?  Wholeheartedly

How has 'The Inspired Optimist' flourished by you doing so?

There has never been, and never will be, another quite like you. When you are authentic, people really dig it! I believe it is primarily because most people are sick of the masks. Everyone has issues, no one is perfect. It makes life a bit easier when we realise we are all just doing the best we can. It's all a part of the journey of being perfectly, imperfectly human <3


Please share with us 3 non-negotiables in your self-love/ care routine

This one is hard because I don't actually have any non-negotiables. When it comes down to it, I believe it is all about balance. Sometimes I find myself in great flow with self-love and self care, other times I am so busy I don't shave my legs for a month (YAY cold weather).

I view it like a pendulum, sometimes I swing left, sometimes I swing right, and sometimes I am completely off the scale. I think one of 'rules' I try to stick to is that I try not to bind myself by 'rules'. 

Whatever works for me at the time is what I go with. 


Intuition, I explain this to my clients as the voice within us that doesn’t talk. How has your intuition helped you in getting where you are today? And do you have any tips for us on how to tune into it?

Intuition is huge. Bigger, I believe, then any learned behaviour. Sometimes all logic points towards a certain decision but you can feel a certain pull, or unease in your gut. Our brains out wired to continuously be on high alert for danger and potential threat. I believe that when you trust this instinct and trust the in born intelligence that the human body has, you can't go too far wrong. 


Lets spice things up with a random question - share with us, one random fact about you?

I grew up with buck teeth so large that I couldn't close my mouth. 3 plates, 8 teeth pulled, braces, Invisalign, and one fake tooth later,  I literally have a million dollar smile! 


To finish up, please share with us what is one quote/ motto/ message you like to live by?

"What is comin' will come and we will meet it when it does" ~ Hagrid


THANK YOU so much Dr Jacinta for taking the time to inspire us today and most importantly remind us that we are all unique. You are truely such an inspiration. I love your outlook on the (non) non-negotiables and the reminder that we are all perfectly, imperfect. One of a kind. Thank YOU, keep being you, keep shining and keep inspiring us.


You can find The Inspired Optimist on Facebook,  Instagram, practicing out of Open Space Healing and she has her very own inspiring Podcast

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for any events Dr J hosts in the future, you will walk away inspired and empowered. You are the only one in control of your health!