Why you shouldn’t wait for a health scare to change your life.

Years ago when my self-discovery journey really began I was reading lots of blogs, books and articles and there was one thing I noticed a lot of people I looked up to had in common.

They all changed their life (whether it be health, mindset, diet, lifestyle, spirituality) because of a health scare.

They had waited for a health scare, a cancer diagnosis or some thing similar to jolt them into action. Something big enough to make them stop and think OH SHIT – what am I doing? Life is so short. Before going ahead and making the changes.

They started eating better, quit a job they hated to do what they love, started believing in themselves, started learning the power of the mind and really living life like it was rigged in their favour.


Simply said they started really thriving instead of just being alive.


At the time I noticed this and thought to myself, why wait? Why wait until it is possibly too late to make changes to really thrive. So it made sense to me to get started right away – and so I did.

A common question I get asked is what led me to where I am now…


My answer is generally just a true passion for it. Once I was awakened to this way of living – more mindfully, ethically and consciously – my life felt so aligned.


It felt like common sense to me. I asked myself, why had this way of living only just come to my attention now? (It’s here I like to remind myself and my clients - don’t forget to trust the process – when it feels right it is right!)


SO I didn’t wait for the health scare to change and I want to encourage you not to wait either!!


Because….why wait? Lets all learn to thrive together now.

So why do we struggle with making changes, taking that first step?

Change can be hard (if we make it). So it can seem easier to keep doing what you have always done, than attempt to change. Am I right?

For sure – but when you want something bad enough you will make it happen. So I guess I really wanted it and maybe you do to.


Here are my reasons why you shouldn’t wait for a health scare to change…

-       Preventative health is key, it is your best friend. When you look after yourself and your body you thrive!

-       Thriving is WAY better than just surviving

-       If you don’t have your health, what do you have? Our health is epically important.

-       The only time is now. Why wake up when you are 60 and wish you had of done x, y or z when you were 'younger?'


So how can you start?


Here are my tips that I wish someone told me when I was just beginning…

-       Start slow, you don’t have to know everything right now.

-       Trust the process, everything happens for a reason and at exactly the right time (so roll with it – focus on one thing at a time)

-       You are not broken, you don’t need fixing.

-       Educate yourself with a way that works for you… (books, podcasts, people, events, documentaries) and make time for ‘learning’ every week.

-       Question everything and everyone, then do your own research and confidently come up with your own opinion that resonates with you

-       Everyone is on their own journey, stay in your own lane going at your own pace.

-       Don’t try and change others, lead by example.

-       Stay positive, some information can be quite confronting, depressing or even disgusting. IT IS OK. Focus on the positives, remind yourself of everything you have to be grateful for and be proud of yourself for being open and willing to learn, change and grow. After all that is what life is all about.


I hope these tips come in handy! I love supporting and coaching clients through these changes to really fast track their journey towards a thriving life.

Remember you don’t have to do it alone and you have everything you need within you, so don’t forget to stop and tune in.


Lastly I am taking on my final clients for 2017 (YAY), so if this resonates with you and you would like some loving support and encouragement please reach out, lets have a quick chat to see if coaching will be able to support you. You can read what past clients are saying here.

You are perfect exactly the way you are, it is a miracle you are here right now, don’t take this for granted for one minute. Life is what you make it, don’t forget that.

I believe in you, truely I do.

Lotsa Love,

Jenna Maree xo