Why I am adoring my cycle and why you should too!

Life gives you exactly what you need at exactly the right time. Even if it doesn't always feel like it. 

I shared this quote last week over on my Instagram account, it is such a good reminder for when times are tough and you feel like nothing is working in your favour. Hello victim mindset - it's so easy to slip into, especially when we aren't on our A game. 

Life is simple. Everything happens for you not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither to soon or to late. You don’t have to like, it’s just easier if you do.
— Byron Katie

But why I was talking about the timing of things is because it has been really obvious along my health journey. When I learnt about the Pill and the artificial cycle it puts your body through I immediately stopped taking it... BUT I hadn't done any research and I had no knowledge about my body, my cycle, the timing and alternate contraceptive methods (other than the obvious). So every month I was stressed and anxious questioning where is my period. Looking back this was so much worse for my health than taking the Pill, the stress, worry and stories I was telling myself each month were detrimental to my health. Of course I went back on the Pill and I think it was about a year later that I learnt all about my cycle (before coming off it this time - lesson learnt). I read all the books, listened to all of the podcasts and spoke to other women about it. I was educated. I was confident. And I was ready to listen, learn and work with my body. (hello divine timing). Which I feel like is exactly how it should be. This is where our power as women lies and we spend our whole life dulling it down, which of course effects our health and our potential as women. 

As time has passed I have just kept learning about how to best work with my body and my cycle and it has been powerful, transformational and I want to help spread the message . Most importantly I have learnt to love my cycle, if you have of told me that a few years ago I probably would have laughed, what is there to love I may have asked? There is no need for this topic to be taboo. So why is it? 

I have really only just started scraping the surface with my learning and experiences around this and as time passes I am sure I will have more to share but I wanted to start with simply how i work with my cycle and each 'season'. Everything I talk about I have learnt from amazing women who I have linked below for you to refer to if you feel called to when the time is right. (and please remember this is me and my experience and you don't have to make it you and your experience. It is ok to do exactly what works for you, please remember the importance in that!)

There are many ways to view your cycle and finding what resonates best with you is important, what works for me at the moment is viewing my cycle as seasons (which I track on the Clue app):

Winter - Days 1-6 - Menstruation
Spring - Days 7-3 - Post Menstruation/ Pre Ovulation 
Summer - Days 14-21 - Ovulation
Autumn - Days 22-28 - Post Ovulation/ Pre Menstrual

Obviously this is using a 28 day cycle as an example but please know everyone is different and if your cycles are shorter or longer you can still work with it in exactly the same way (and there is nothing wrong with you). I'll walk you through what I do and what I love about each season.

Winter: I simply think of it as winter, I want to rest, retreat, hibernate and stay warm. The same happens in my Winter each month. I slow right down, I try and sleep and do nothing. This isn't always possible but usually my body forces me in one way or another. Epic fatigue, cramps and can't adult feels. I track my cycle and put each day into my diary so when planning life, uni, client calls and catch ups if I see Days 1, 2, etc I deliberately won't make plans. It doesn't always work like this of course, in those cases I have learnt to just roll with it and do the best I can. 

Tip: Let life flow and nurture all of you! Give yourself permission to rest, you SO deserve it. (I still have to remind myself of this too....!)

Spring: My energy starts to rise and after retreating in the Yin phase of Winter I feel good and am ready to start making shit happen again HA, as the Yang kicks in (so much easier for me to go go go than chill). It's a productive time of the month, I feel like exercising again, I can adult, be around people and write this blog post for you :). I feel a sense of renewed energy if I honour my time and body throughout my winter.

Tip: Get back to your to do list and use your energy mindfully.

Summer: Is my favourite time of year, and it's the case with my cycle too. It's a peak. I can be around people all day, I can schedule in all of the activities and social events, smash out bulk assignments and I just feel light, fresh and buzzing about life. Our body is ready to make a baby. I feel the best in my body at this time, strong, capable and like nothing could stop me. YEAH

Tip: Really embrace your energy, ride the high and make love.

Autumn: After the peak of ovulation, I start slowing down again - the yin energy kicks back in. I can usually sleep 10+ hours in this season and if I don't I really feel it. I can get teary easily and also take things to heart, be offended easily and I am easily irritated. I will create a problem just to have an argument (dam it, being extra mindful at this time and communicating to your loved ones what time of the month it is usually relieves these issues.... quite quickly) It's a really sensitive time of the month. Depending on the month thats just passed and if I have looked after myself will depend on my PMS symptoms. Giving myself the space I need and acknowledging the time of the month is vital, otherwise life can get very overwhelming - the complete opposite to spring.

Tip: Communicate with loved ones with where you are at, to feel supported, nurtured and understood (as best as you can as a women at this time - haha).

There you have it a little snap shot of my cycle, how I view it and how I work with it. It took time for me to get my head around these changes. Like hang on - I am actually meant to rest, sleep and look after myself now? Or hell yeah I am buzzing off being around like minded souls all day! As soon as all of that clicked for me it was the biggest light bulb moment I may of ever had! I have never felt more in tune or empowered to listen to my body and roll with it. 

Resources for you that I have referred to time and time again and highly recommend:

Adore Your Cycle - eBook written by the gorgeous Claire Baker is fill to the brim of knowledge, tips, tricks and love to get you feeling empowered about your cycle.

Podcast episodes - Awaken Radio #17 and #22 (working with the moon too - which I haven't even touched on), Priestess Podcast #4 and #19

Books - The Optimized Woman 


So remember to trust yourself, trust the timing of things that occur for you and know that when the time is right it will happen and until then don't push for it, don't hustle for it and don't stress about it because lets be honest that isn't going to get you anywhere. 

Please if you know someone that needs some cycle love, please share this with them. I would have loved to known how to adore and work with my cycle many many years ago!


Lotsa LOVE,

Jenna Maree xx

These divine souls all trusted themselves and chose to take the leap and work with me, when the time was right.