What becoming an Aunty has taught me


I am super grateful to be an 'aunty' to so many of my friends little ones but when my sister had her baby Arlo it was next level excitement. I just love watching a new life come into this world and I love watching women become mothers. It takes so much strength and courage.

There are a few different reasons we moved to the Gold Coast but a big factor was the arrival of my nephew. I grew up with lots of cousins and family time and it was important for Archie and I to be around *some* family as we intend on having our own family one day. 

Arlo is only four months old and to watch him grow, give him a million cuddles and kisses and of course baby sit at any opportunity I can has been top of my priority list since moving to the coast (which explains my instagram feed/stories) I AM SO IN LOVE.

I am also extremely grateful to my sister and her partner for letting me be so involved and apart of his life. I keep saying I cannot wait for the day he says; I don't want to go, I want to stay at Jenna's house. I think it brings up alot of childhood memories for me, I just loved staying at my Nana and Pa's house. I always had so much fun, felt so loved and so happy there. I actually stayed recently as an adult (28 years old) and all those feels all came flooding back. Love, warmth and happiness, the energy was just so special - I felt so content and so at home. 

How comforting are those feels?

So knowing all of that and remembering my feelings so clearly explains why I want to create a special place for Arlo in our home, considering he already has that special place in my heart


What I have learnt...

1. It takes a village raise a child. 

I love this African proverb. Every cell in my body resonates with it. I love the concept of community, help and support and KNOW that it is not only a benefit to the child but to the mother and father also. 

I am already a natural born 'helper' but when it came to my sister and her baby I have never felt a stronger desire to help and just be there for her. I don't think there has been a day since Arlo was born that I haven't text/called to ask how she is and how the night was. 

If you have a new mum in your life take her dinner, offer to vacuum do the washing or maybe just go and tell her what an INSANELY incredible job she is doing. She needs you right now.

2. Presence and Patience

Every time I am with Arlo he has the skill of dropping me into the present moment. Babies need you, they are 100% dependant on you to survive so it only makes sense that naturally you are there for them fully. Way back when he was first born I remember saying to Nicola this is like a breathing meditation - trying to put him to sleep. Deep breaths and the 'shhhhhhing'. 

I don't feel like patience is a strong point of mine. I plan my day around traffic and I plan appointments first thing in the morning so I don't have to wait - so confirmed patience is definitely NOT my strength. haha I seem to have alot more patience for Arlo, he needs me to have patience. He is in no rush, time isn't a factor for him. Obviously it helps I am not with him 100% of the time. 

Be with babies fully in the moment - you can learn so much.

3. True LOVE

This precious new life enters the world and his main job is to simply be and grow - 100% dependant on those around him. He is pure beauty, pure bliss and pure perfection. I can't describe the love I have for him, he is a little babe and he has all my heart. For as long as I am here I will support everything he sets out to achieve, remind him anything is possible and love him with all of my heart.

Because just like you, he is so deserving.

What has been an Aunty taught you? I'd love for you to share with me in the comments below.

Thanks so much for being here,

Jenna Maree xo