Is commitment a priority of yours?

In order to successfully make a change (whether it is big or small) in your life you need to:

- Want it/own it

- Know your worth


[Commitment: a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a firm decision to do something.]

Without wanting it (and owning it), making a change can turn into a chore instead of being something you wholeheartedly want.  For example if someone said to me lets run a marathon that would be a chore for me, it doesn't interest me (right now), it doesn't align with me and nor does it sound appealing. In other words I don't want that in my life right now, so the commitment levels aren't there. 

Know your worth, this is a conversation I have with my clients all the time. We have to constantly remind ourselves how worthy we are, of success, happiness and everything we want to manifest in our life. Worth is the love and passion behind the commitment. It is the drive and motivation. It is what makes you say YES I am SO ready to commit to myself because I truly deserve it

In my free coaching discovery chats, I get a sense for your commitment levels and ask you are you ready? Because I don't want to waste your time and money if right now you may just be dabbling and aren't ready to fully commit, honour yourself and do the work. 

Dabbling vs. Committing

Dabbling is just dipping your toes in, it is just talking about it, thinking about it and that’s about it. The ideas there, it sounds great - but in all honesty that’s it. There is no desire to take action, make it reality or jump ALL in.

Committing on the other hand is JUMPING ALL IN RIGHT FROM THE START!! It is making a plan, taking action steps, visualizing an outcome and following through.... even when it is hard, even when your ego says you are not good enough and even when you just want to give up!! 

So when it’s written like that, who would want to dabble? It is kind of like wasting time isn't it? It's kind of like I am just doing it because I have to - there is no love, passion or desire behind it.

Who wants a life like that? I know I don't.

My top tips for prioritising your commitment:

1. Brainstorm and write out your values (what really matters to you)

2. Ask yourself: does what I am trying to commit too align with my current values? (if it doesn't - then its more of a chore remember?!) Do what you love!

3. Commit to just one thing at a time. Focusing all of your time and energy on one thing will likely lead to faster outcomes, more enjoyment and less overwhelm. (Multitasking = instant overwhelm) 

4. Get your mind in the game. It can be your biggest cheerleader and also your biggest roadblock. Remind yourself "nothing changes if nothing changes".

5. Hold yourself accountable. This is where things can get wobbly. If you know it isn't a strong point of yours seek help, from friends, family, like-minded people, a coach, online communities or whoever you feel will be able to help you with accountability.  They say by writing and telling people your plans and goals you are more likely to commit due to the accountability and support. Have a think; it's way more motivation to take action if you know someone is going to ask you... How are you going with (whatever it may be)?

So I invite you to ask yourself

- Am I dabbling or committing

- Is this something I truly want, or am I doing it because I feel like I have to?

- What am I waiting for? The time is NOW!

So to finish up, a small reminder....

Life is SO short. Give something (or everything) your all!!!

Thank you so much,

Jenna Maree xx

P.S - don't be hard on yourself. It took me 6 months to commit to building and launching my business. I needed to ensure I was FULLY in to make it happen, once I decided I got all the support, created an action plan and committed. 

Tell me, do you struggle with commitment?