How to deal with difficult people.

This blog post comes highly requested by all of you, so I really hope you can take something away from it.

Everyone can be difficult let's be honest (me included, don't catch me when I am stressed my partner tells me :/), that is life. If we were all perfect humans life would be boring wouldn't it? Or could it be totally awesome....? Imagine. Actually don't, reality is we can't change people so lets stick to the original topic of how we are going to deal with these difficult peeps in our life.

Lets get straight down to business, shall we?

We all have a choice of who we surround ourselves with and who we want in out life. I know shock horror right? I am saying we don't actually have to put up with difficult people, people that we don't enjoy being around and people that don't light us up and make us feel amazing. I feel like the common theme in society is to just put up with the 'said difficult person/s' in your life because you a) you feel like you have to and b) you don't want the confrontation so it is just easier. And then what happens is, we gossip about them, feel shit after being in their presence and dread the next time we have to see them.

Just doesn't really make sense that we do it to ourselves when I put it like that does it?

But I'm not going to get all unrealistic on ya here. I understand there are those people in ya life that aren't going anywhere and can seem difficult on every level (boss', family, colleagues, teachers, associates, etc). I get it. I do.

So this is where the tips come in...
1. Understand that everyone has shit going on in their life and 9 times outta 10 it has probably got absolutely nothing to do with you. Just remember we will never fully understand anyone else and what is going on in their life (and head for that matter).
2. Check in with yourself and ask yourself, how can I be the best version of myself in this situation. Sometimes that might look like being calm, setting boundaries (loving but firm), walking away, expressing how you feel, communicating, letting it go or being the better person.
3. I love this little meditation, it doesn't take long. It is a bit alternate (but you guys know I dig alternate things right?) Just close your eyes and place yourself in a bubble and visualise the bubble protecting you from the negative words, the negative energy, the situation, etc, etc. Whatever you know you need protection from. I love this one. 
4. Send them love. Yep I said it, send love to that really difficult person. Because they probably need it. The reason they are being difficult is probably because they have alot of shiz going on and need some extra love.
5. This one can be a little bit confronting BUT it's a goody. Ask yourself is it me being the difficult one here? Of course the answer will be NO right? Because we are so perfect all of the time. haha But on a serious note if we drop that truth bomb of a question on ourselves it allows us to get really clear, really intuitive and really bloody honest with ourselves, which aint always easy is it? Hell no, but thats where the magic happens. The growth within you.
You might be right, it might not be you as such, but this person has been really difficult for some time now and for whatever reason you are now acting a certain way around them and it might not even be your 'normal self'. Think; grumpy, angry, snappy, irritable, foul, moody..... and just bloody difficult. Sorry I had to say it. It is generally because of stuff that has happened in the past with you and this 'said' difficult person. A past. A history. So you need to master up the courage and all of your skills above to try and be present, be you and accept 'said' difficult person as they are. 
As soon as you accept them for who they are (and that may be really bloody difficult) we stop the internal fight, the turmoil and find the peace in the situation. We all want more of that, don't we?

If you can't change it, leave it and simply accept it

Don't forget everything is going to be ok. Everything happens for a reason. Take what you can from this difficult person in your life. What is it you most need to learn from it?

Keep up the great work, I know it aint always easy. xxxx

Please share this if you feel like it would benefit someone in your life. Spreading the awareness will make life more enjoyable - even for the difficult people!