How can I listen to my body?

Listening to your body and honoring its signals is one of the truest forms of self love.

Makes sense right? It is our permanent home. 

Unfortunately it is a common theme amongst us as humans, to be disconnected to ourselves in this world we live in. It doesn't have to be that way. But it does take awareness, presence and willingness to want to check in and honor our body in order to live to our fullest potential in every moment of every day.

I am a firm believer that our body is 1,000,000 times smarter than we are, it knows what is going on, it is sensitive, it is resilient and it is powerful beyond measure. It wants us to heal and it wants to create balance within, no matter what we consume, what the circumstance, what thoughts we are having or what story we are telling ourself, etc.

So WHY don't we listen?

Great question, why! Upon *almost* accomplishing a Health Science degree, it is safe to say learning about every detail of the human body was not only challenging (to remember it all) but eye opening. Our body works around the clock 24/7 to make sure everything is in balance and working to the best of its ability day in and day out. It deserves a medal each and every day - right?

We are too busy worrying about stupid sh*t like:

What we look like
What to have for lunch
If that person likes us
Worrying if we have put on weight, etc 

To be in tune with the magnificence that resides within each and every one of us.

So I want to give you all some insight into how we can be more in-tune with our temple that houses us each and every day! So we can still worry about what to have for lunch whilst listening to our body - balance yeah?

1. Breathe. Breath is life. Deep belly breathes centre us, ground us and make us feel alive.             That is what we want here. In times of overwhelm, stress and even excitement it is important to tune back into ourself. I like to put both hands on my belly, close my eyes and breathe deep. Alternatively one hand on your heart and one on your belly (I love this one laying down at Yoga). Taking the time to acknowledge ourself and our feelings is the first step, we have to make time for this. Put a reminder in your phone or a post it note on your desk as a reminder. 

2. Take the time to check in each and every day. You can try in the morning when you wake, at night when you hop into bed or any other time that suits you. I like to do my gratitude practice first thing in the morning, which triggers me to check in with myself and then I have a reminder on my phone that pops up at 10AM and says 'how are you feeling?'. I love it, I need that reminder most on busy days but it is nice to see it every day. I like to journal my feelings out, helps me make sense of them, see any patterns and gives me some time to slow down and work through the blocks. I am also a 'talker' so sometimes I prefer to chat it out, can't beat a debrief. After talking it out, you will find you already have the answer, conclusion, decision, feeling, or whatever it is within you, just needed some time to get it off your chest and make sense of it. Amongst everything else that is going on in that busy mind of yours.

3. Take action on it. It is one thing to breathe, another thing to check in and then most importantly acknowledging and acting on it. It is hard when we are busy, working, studying, adulting, parenting - the list goes on but we HAVE to make time. We have to know that we are deserving of it. The thing with action is, that it can raise a whole lot more excuses, fear and reasons why 'not to' do exactly what your body needs. But, I want to keep it really simple here. After you have checked in and realised you are feeling, wonderful, sad, happy, angry, stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted you need to ask yourself in this moment, 'how can I best support myself right now?' Or 'how can I be more kind to myself right now?'

That might look like a million different things but it has to be realistic to you and your current situation that you are in on that day. So don't feel like because you are exhausted and stressed out at work you can't do anything to help yourself, what about belly breathes? a walk around the block? 5 minutes in the bathroom cubicle recentering? lunch break in the park? Asking for help with the cooking/kids/cleaning? Remembering it doesn't have to be big, you can support yourself with small achievable steps no matter what situation you are in.

By taking these tips on board, you will of course feel more 'in tune', you will be listening to your body regularly and you will be creating a strong foundation to be able to listen to your intuition. Then the 'signs' and 'messages' your body is giving you will be more clear and make sense. It is totally empowering to listen to them and act on them. 

So hopefully by putting it like that, it helps you understand that it is in fact not only one of the truest forms of self love but also an anchor into a life filled with limitless potential.

Do you know someone that would appreciate these simple tips? Please, forward it on and help me spread the message of simplifying health and wellness. It doesn't need to be fancy, expensive or hard.

So much love and gratitude to each and every one of you,

Jenna Maree xo