Are you happy with what you've got?

The old 'I'll be happy when' saying.... Hands up who uses this one?

Me, I feel like I used it all throughout last year.

- I will be so happy when Uni is done.

- Just one semester left then I will be finished - thank goodness

- I cannot wait to never do another assignment again

......and the list goes on. You get the picture. I WAS BLOODY EXCITED TO FINISH UNI. (understandable right?!)

But what about the journey? What about the process? What about the in-between? Should we just ignore it, push it to the side and wish our life away? 

HELLLLLLL NO, I feel like the in-between is where we spend majority of our life and when I say it like that why would we want to wish it away? What I know for sure is we only have this very moment, no other time, appointment or plan is promised to us. Not even one. Which means we should be happy with exactly what we have got (I am sure you have heard this one before).

I want to share with you tips on how to be happy with exactly what you've got, what I have been practicing this past 6 months and so you can ditch the old 'I'll be happy when' BS because that is holding you back from a life full of abundance and happiness. If you fast forward 5 years, would you want to reflect and see that you were always living from this place and never actually happy and satisfied with what you have got? 

I know I sure wouldn't. It has already happened to me, I pretty much lived like this constantly when I was working FIFO, I was counting down for my week off every 4 week swing. It is draining to even think about it isn't it? 

So how can you be happy with what we've got?

  1. Practice gratitude                                                                                                              I know I know, I always preach a gratitude practice. Mainly because it has changed my life and mindset - I have seen it with my own eyes but also 'it is not happy people who are thankful it is thankful people who are happy'. The science is out now.                                                                            
  2. Get clear on your values and beliefs                                                                                Once we are clear on what matters to us (our values and beliefs) then it makes it so much easier to be happy with what we've got, we can act accordingly. We can make decisions, make plans, spend time doing things we love, spend time with people that lift us up all whilst living inline with these core values and beliefs. And remember my core values and beliefs are probably different to yours and that is OK, remember to stay in your own lane we are all different and unique.                                                                                                   
  3. Do something everyday that lights your soul up                                                           I know it sounds too simple to be true, but I am here to tell you it really can be this simple! We are in the drivers seat of our life and of our choices we make day in and day out. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to do just one thing that makes you feel alive every single day. It will make you feel good, make you a better person and make you glow. Really filling up that self love cup. I love encouraging my clients to write a list of things they love to do and keep it on the fridge, so any time they have a spare minute they go straight to the list and pick one thing - it takes the thinking out of it because that is when our ego usually jumps in and ruins the fun.                              

Once you have realised all that you are grateful for, start living inline with what matters to you and are doing something everyday that lights you up - I promise you (hands on heart), life changes, your life will change.

Sure you will still get grumpy and have bad days (we are human after all) but that is ok, the sooner we realise that that is what life is about, the quicker we will be happier with exactly what we've got, what is right in front of us. 

For extra happiness add these Self Love Hacks to your schedule, or maybe grab my free eBook to Simplify your health and wellness and for life changing, off the radar happiness join me for a 90 minute "Prioritise Me" session where we tune in and get super clear on all those feels you have deep inside and make a plan to prioritise and bring them to life this year for YOU, because you deserve it and your intuition has led you here.

Sending you Lotsa Love and Deep Happiness just like you deserve.

Jenna Maree xo