3 Simple ways to be the best version of yourself

Life gives us exactly what we need in each and every moment of the day. It is then up to us to decide how we show up, how we react and how we handle what life throws at us.


Good and bad days are like happy and sad feelings, they are inevitable and are always changing just like the seasons. This is life, we are cyclic human beings. We are not programmed to be ‘on’ or happy 24/7 we have to learn to let go, trust and embrace each and every moment for exactly what it is, which of course can be easier said than done. As humans, we love to have and be in control of every single thing.


So how can we show up as the best version of ourselves in every circumstance life throws us?


Great question! This comes with an inner desire of really wanting it, believing in yourself, your worth and with constant practice and presence.


Here are my top 3 tips you can start doing straight away.


1.    Listen to your intuition

So hard to describe, yet such a powerful human instinct. Our intuition is always there, whether we’re aware of it or not and it can be described as a voice that doesn’t use words. So start tuning inwards, deeply listen and then act accordingly. By doing so we are undertaking what we truly desire and what we came here to do. Which automatically makes us the best version of ourselves.

“Told you so”

Sincerely, your intuition.


2.    Do what makes you happy

I know everyone says it and you might be thinking it sounds too easy to be true. Simplicity is key for a lifetime full of happiness. Ask yourself – does it make me happy? Tune in and listen for the answer. If the answer is a ‘no’ then you are not serving yourself or anyone else by proceeding. On the other hand, if you only do what makes you happy from the core, you are in fact being the best version of yourself. 


3.    Own your uniqueness

Your uniqueness is your strength, it is your point of difference and it is what makes you, YOU. In a world that likes to tell us we aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough or good enough just as we are, I am here to tell you otherwise. You are perfect exactly the way you are and you have everything you will ever need within you. By owning that quirk that makes you unique you stand in your truth and power to live an authentic life being the one and only best version of yourself.


Life is short so we must make our time here count, but at the same time humans live on average for 80 years which is a long time to be anything but 'the one and only very best version of yourself!' 


You deserve it, you owe it to yourself, it is the least you can do. Shine beauty. Xx


If this resonates with you and you are feeling the call to dig deep and live authentically as the very best version of yourself but are unsure where to start, reach out so I can help you throughout this exciting time of your life.