Should you follow your dreams?

The years keep coming and going, each year feels like it's moving along quicker than the next. The last few years, I have put the accelerator on my self development, self-growth and creating a career that I love. 

Has it been easy? No!

Friends, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Everyone would be happy, living a life they had only ever imagined. To be honest, the journey can be challenging at times and it doesn't help when the self doubt and negativity starts to kick in. Our mind can tell us every limiting belief in the book, this makes it feel hard to continue on your chosen path. Then the thought crosses your mind that you should just go back to what you have always known as it would be so much easier.

I'm hearing you, but I have pushed through and the light at the end of the tunnel is so close now. I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, says someone who claimed 'Uni is not for me, I will never go to Uni' some 10 years ago. I know people say it but - Never Say Never. I am really so grateful that my belief systems were challenged as it has literally changed my life.

It's all well and good that I am studying, but do you know how all of this come about? I started doing more of what interested me, I read blogs and lots of them, started yoga, read books and ate real food which eventually led me to doing more of it because I was so happy and passionate about what I was discovering. And when you are happy you want to keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it makes you feel so darn good.

Where I was going with this.... I'm not saying go and quit your job tomorrow and sign up to full time study, but what I am going to suggest is every day this week do something that you love, makes you happy and makes you feel so good for fitting it into your busy schedule (because who isn't 'busy' these days). That might be a walk, calling your best mate, going to bed early, having a bath, listening to a podcast, or anything, the list really is endless. If you have that bit under control but there is a goal that you are working towards but you don't know where to start, try breaking it down into small steps that you can tick off, say one a week or maybe even two depending on your schedule. That way you have a plan and are working towards something that matters to you, that aligns with your values and beliefs and you will be amazed at how doing this will make you feel.

So just remember following your dreams, doesn't have to look or feel drastic. You want it to be achievable, realistic and empowering. The hardest step is just starting, so today I challenge you to write something you want more of in your life, or a goal/ idea that has been in your thoughts for some time now. There you have it, writing it out you are already one step towards manifesting it, go you good thing! 

And please don't forget I never knew what direction I was heading in or where I was meant to be but I just trusted the process and kept doing small things I loved. Doing what you love makes you happy, makes you a better person so of course you want to keep doing it. When you feel like this the universe aligns you with everything you need at the perfect time....just trust. (this is where the real magic happens)

If you need to, reach out for help -  I would be honoured. 

All my love,

Jenna Maree xx

P.S - the answer to the original question is YES. :)