I'm Pregnant - the First Trimester

I always knew that if and when I was meant to be a Mum I would be. I found thinking about making 'that decision' to 'try' very overwhelming to be honest. I will never be ready. I love me time, I love putting myself first and who will ever be ready for a baby, no sleep and their life to rapidly change? Ok maybe some people.

Archie and I had spoken about it several times over the years and it was never on our radar, we knew we would cross that bridge when the time was 'right'. 

As 2017 came to a close so did lots of other things in our life and with closure usually comes new beginnings so we found ourself having the conversation, you know 'is the time right?'

What becoming an Aunty has taught me

What becoming an Aunty has taught me

I am super grateful to be an 'aunty' to so many of my friends little ones but when my sister had her baby Arlo it was next level excitement. I just love watching a new life come into this world and I love watching women become mothers. It takes so much strength and courage.

There are a few different reasons we moved to the Gold Coast but a big factor was the arrival of my nephew.

Mastering Challenging Relationships

Mastering Challenging Relationships

” Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” George Burns once said.

So this would provide some clarity around why holidays can be so stressful.

Those dear relatives who live miles away are suddenly loitering around your kitchen table, you’ve spent days ensuring the table placement is acceptable to protect your childhood wounds you have spent years protecting.

Here is my survival kit for holiday interactions with those family members who tend to nudge my wounded inner girl, at what always seems like the worst timing.

Are you happy with what you've got?

Are you happy with what you've got?

The old 'I'll be happy when' saying.... Hands up who uses this one?

Me, I feel like I used it all throughout last year.

- I will be so happy when Uni is done.

- Just one semester left then I will be finished - thank goodness

- I cannot wait to never do another assignment again

......and the list goes on. You get the picture. I WAS BLOODY EXCITED TO FINISH UNI. (understandable right?!)

But what about the journey? What about the process? What about the in-between? Should we just ignore it, push it to the side and wish our life away? 


Why you shouldn’t wait for a health scare to change your life.

Why you shouldn’t wait for a health scare to change your life.

Years ago when my self-discovery journey really began I was reading lots of blogs, books and articles and there was one thing I noticed a lot of people I looked up to had in common.

They all changed their life (whether it be health, mindset, diet, lifestyle, spirituality) because of a health scare.

They had waited for a health scare, a cancer diagnosis or some thing similar to jolt them into action. Something big enough to make them stop and think OH SHIT – what am I doing? Life is so short. Before going ahead and making the changes.

They started eating better, quit a job they hated to do what they love, started believing in themselves, started learning the power of the mind and really living life like it was rigged in their favour.

Simply said they started really thriving instead of just being alive.